Irishwoman of The Year


Kathy Rice

Kathy was born in Elizabeth, NJ where she resided for 40 plus years. In 2005, her family moved to Linden and stayed there for 11 years. Kathy now resides in Scotch Plains since 2016.

Kathy went to St. Patrick's High School and graduated in 1980. For the past 34 years, she has employed as a Probation Investigator with the State of New Jersey.

Kathy is a proud member of Joseph Nugent Sr. Association and the Emerald Society. 

Kathy loves the Mets! She is an avid golfer and a former softball player. 

Kathy traces her Irish heritage back to Derry, Ireland on her dad's (Jay Rice) side. She was active in bringing over the Mayors of Shannon and the town clerks; Tomas McCormick and Liam O'Connor. After the passing of Jane Rice, Kathy and Jay continued the tradition of bringing over the Mayors and town clerks of Shannon, Ireland for the St. Patrick's Union County Parade

When friends of Kathy and Jay Rice visit Shannon they are welcomed with open arms due to Kathy and Jay's hospitality.